The 3 Quickest Ways to Turn Off a Hiring Manager

Written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting 

You’ve landed the job interview! In preparation for your meeting with your potential boss, what should you do? Start by checking out these 3 quick ways to turn off a hiring manager:

1. Talking too much in the interview – Yes, the interviewer wants to know more about you and your experience. However, they don’t want your life history. Do your best to stick to short, concise answers to their specific questions. Don’t overshare – especially about previous terrible bosses! And, limit your questions to 2 or 3 good ones.

2. Too much follow-up – A thank you note is always a good idea. And, asking at the close of the interview when the company expects to fill the position is acceptable. However, that is all the follow-up a hiring manager needs. If you call and/or email more than once, they will question whether or not you are someone they have the time and energy to manage.

3. Negative social media image – Before you interview, be sure to clean up your social media. Trust me, the hiring manager will do an online search. Delete any unbecoming pictures, comments or even entire accounts if necessary. Avoid political rants at all costs and limit those selfies!


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