Student Leadership – How are You Leading Today?

Student Leadership – How are You Leading Today?

Around fall, each year, I typically spend some time with student leadership groups and facilitate activities to help them with their next right thing. (For reference, The Next Right Thing, is a book we love at HPC!) These students are involved in so many areas and often hold leadership roles that help them prepare for future leadership opportunities. 

Last month, I also had the opportunity to judge student scholarship applications for a non-profit. I’m amazed at what all the students in our community are involved in. Student leadership is not just for the students at the top of the class academically, and it shouldn’t be. There are opportunities for students to lead and serve in so many areas in our schools and community. FFA, First Priority, Sports Captains, and the list goes on.   

Here are a few just a ways students can develop leadership skills:

  • Participate in a Chamber sponsored Student Leadership Program (check your Chamber’s website for more information) 
  • Join clubs of interest & look for opportunities to lead and serve  (ask your favorite teacher or counselor for ideas)
  • Attend a leadership conference (Leadercast is an annual nationwide conference that can be attended in person at a host site or virtually)
  • Volunteer in class or in your community (serving is a great way to lead!)
  • Get a job & learn everything you can! You may have the opportunity to be in a leadership role too.

Check out Top 10 Quotes on Servant Leadership. My favorite one is:  “The best way to find yourself is in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi. What’s yours? How will you lead today?

Taylor Simmons