Servant Leadership

I recently helped a top security government employee with developing a resume. His leadership philosophy centered around supporting his employees (as opposed to the other way around); he believes in empowering subordinates with authority, as opposed to responsibility. His view of leadership embodies serving which is what great leaders do.








Servant leaders are a revolutionary bunch—they take the traditional power leadership model and turn it completely upside down. This new hierarchy puts the people—or employees, in a business context—at the very top and the leader at the bottom, charged with serving the employees above them. And that’s just the way servant leaders like it. – The Art of Servant Leadership,

At HPC, we have a textbook servant leader. Our CEO lives this out daily and truly makes our staff want to be better every day, for our company and our clients.

Here are a few things servant leaders do differently:

  • Servant Leaders share power.
  • They consistently put the needs of others first.
  • They help people develop and perform at their highest level of potential.

Check out 10 Principles of Servant Leadership from Indeed.Com for more insight.

Are you a servant leader? Do you have servant leaders in your life?

If you’d like to learn more about this type of leadership, hit us up at HPC. We love to train & empower servant leaders!

Taylor Simmons

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