Secrets of the Job Search for Recent Graduates

Written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting

This time of year is always crazy busy with upcoming graduation and new beginnings for recent grads. Job search is on the top of their lists. I often get inquiries about resumes, cover letters & job search strategies in the spring. So, I thought a blog post addressing secrets for the job search would be timely.

But first, I want to share a quick story. A couple of months ago, I worked with a client who was approaching college graduation. She was a treat to work with; she had a wonderful attitude, great education background as well as impressive internship and work experience, which made my job super easy. We focused on 3 things: resume, LinkedIn and catering both to the specific job she was interested in. Within a week of focusing on these 3 things, she had a job interview with her employer of choice, and within 2 weeks, she received a job offer.

Obviously, it doesn’t always work that way. I’ve worked with several others who weren’t fortunate enough to quickly obtain their top job choice. If you are in that boat, here are 3 secrets for the job search:

1. Networking. Network like it’s your job! Essentially, networking should be your job until you have one. College career centers are a great starting point and have a plethora of knowledge and tips. You should also focus on networking online – especially via LinkedIn. With the tight job market, employers are always searching for candidates (including passive ones) on LinkedIn. Check out: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile as a Recent College Grad to help you get started.

2. Develop a master resume. You should always have a good master resume and work to cater your resume for each job you are applying for. is a great tool for determining how close of a match you are to a job opening. Check out Can you really triple your interviews with Jobscan?  to find out more about Jobscan.

3. Research your target companies. This is important in all stages of the job search including determining your ideal employer(s), preparing for an interview and preparing for your first day after landing the job. is a great tool to do this. You can even see an interview question from previous candidates.

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