Relationships in Business

Written by: Lucy Orr, Horizon Point Consulting Summer Intern

My name is Lucy Orr, and I interned with Horizon Point Consulting this summer. In my first blog post, I discussed what I hoped to learn from this experience. Not having a “dream job,” I was able to use this experience to get a taste of several different careers by observing Horizon Point as well as their clients. 

While I certainly got a taste of different jobs throughout the summer, the part that struck me the most was the importance of relationships in every aspect of the business.

The most obvious relationships that they spent significant time fostering were with their clients. By taking people out to lunch, forming friendships, and following through with timely expertise, each member of the Horizon Point team valued their relationships with everyone they contacted. This impacted me, not because of the novelty of the concept, but because of the sincerity with which they cared about each person and each business. From my perspective, the intentionality reinforced the quality of business that Horizon Point provides, both being equally important.

The bond between the women that make it all happen was the most unexpected. I had never considered the importance of encouraging business partners, but it makes sense. They support each other, exalt each other’s accomplishments, and are attentive to each other’s needs. Though I was there temporarily, they welcomed me, were generous with me, and spent time to show they cared about me beyond the things I was doing to help the business. They are honest with each other about their strengths as well as their weaknesses which allows the group to come together and grow more efficiently. This is a great example of the community that is possible in a work environment- camaraderie that I can only hope to find or promote in my future workplace. 

The last relationship that I noticed this summer impacted me the most deeply was the significance of family in work. I babysat for Mary Ila’s two older children regularly throughout the summer to give her a few hours at a time to focus on work, so I was able to learn from the intentionality with which she balanced these two things: work and family. This experience has shown me the blessing of valuing family. By constantly thinking of fun things we could do that her kids would enjoy or clearing entire days to spend time with them, she showed me that it is possible to work hard while prioritizing family. This balance definitely looks different for everyone, but it was so helpful for me to see such a wonderful example of this aspect of pursuing a career. 

Horizon Point was a great example of strong relationships in each of these areas. When narrowing down my interests for a future career, I will look at how they play out in the workplace of each field. My time this summer gave me unexpected insight through simply observing Horizon Point’s focus on each type of relationship and realizing the difference it made in the all-around effectiveness of their work.

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