Now’s the Time to Upskill

I attended a great workforce summit in my community this week. The keynote was with the Department of Commerce for our state and provided updates on the direction and focus of their department ending with a promise to rise to the challenge and encouraged attendees to do so also.

Throughout the afternoon, I listened to educators and industry panelists who had a common goal of growing a strong, engaged workforce. As I reflected on the presentations provided and conversations I had throughout the day, I thought about how important lifelong learning is and how NOW is the time to upskill as several people re-enter the workforce.

There are numerous avenues to upskill. Here are a few of my favorites:

Community Colleges – locally we have some amazing community colleges that offer a plethora of courses and work closely with industry to provide training. Check out what community colleges have to offer in your area!

Online Video Courses – you need only an internet connection to benefit from thousands of courses online. Udemy is one of my favorite providers of online courses. I’ve personally taken a few of their courses; I was able to do this on my own time, at my own pace &  it was super cost-efficient!

Credentialing – depending on your career field, credentials are often available. Credentials are a great way to verify your skillset. Look for credentialing opportunities through organizations like the Center for Credentialing and Education. They often offer materials to prepare for credentialing also.

Whatever your next move, upskilling is a great way to get there!

Taylor Simmons

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