Networking Authentically

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting 

As we continue to explore authenticity, let’s consider authenticity in networking. As we all know, networking is essential for the job seeker. I recently found a survey that claimed 85 percent of jobs are found through networking. So, how can we network, bring our “A” game and continue to be authentic?

  1. Develop an elevator speech. The key is storytelling. Be honest and be you! Check out a previous post from the Point Blog for tips:
  2. If you are attending a formal networking event (such as a job fair), do your research ahead of time. Find out what companies will be there and determine which of those companies may be a good fit for you; this is key – you want to find companies who value what you value. Check out their websites to find core values, mission statements and more.
  3. Follow up with your network. Within a week, reach out to your new contact(s). Do your best to recall something memorable about your conversation and bring this up in your call, email or note. Thank them for the opportunity to talk and invite them to lunch or coffee.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn. Prior to networking, create an authentic profile. Then, connect with your new contacts.


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