Mollie’s List of Must Haves For Dorm Living

My roommate and I do not live in the same town so we decided to meet up and shop together. As soon as we started in Bed, Bath, and Beyond we became overwhelmed. We finally decided on the colors we both liked and then everything fell into place. I have always been excited about decorating my dorm room! I knew how I wanted to decorate it but I didn’t realize that I had to plan to get everything I would need for the next year! The bedding and decretive things were fun to find, but then I had to start thinking about how many lightbulbs I needed and how big does our trash can need to be. To make this whole process easier, I have come up with a list of must haves for your dorm room.

Dorm Must Haves: The Basics



  -2 Sets of XL twin sheets

  -Mattress Topper (It is very important to get one that is thick and comfortable, this is what will make your dorm bed comfortable)



  -Bathroom rug


  -Shower shelf

  -Towels ( if you have not already recieved plenty from graduation gifts)

Other Dorm Items

  -Area Rug


  -Stool (I plan on raising my bed to have more storage room)

  -Storage Bins ( great for packing everything and storage!)


  -Laundry bag

Cleaning Supplies


  -Clorox wipes

  -Dryer sheets

  -Hand soap

  -Room spray

Dorm Must Haves: For Decorating

  -String Lights!!

  -String and paper clips to hang up pictures! 


     – This is the one my dad made for me!


I have less than a week until I leave for school and I almost everything planned out and packed. Earlier this week I even made a life size layout of where I wanted everything to go in the dorm room.


For more dorm decorating ideas, check out the Horizon Point Pinterest board!

Mary Ila Ward

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