Looking for a Magic Wand in 2014?

Are you a leader with a talent management problem like turnover, absenteeism, employee engagement, etc.? What if I gave you a magic wand in 2014 and it could wipe your problem out?

One way to do this is to see yourself as a key driver of organizational strategy and results and then use this mindset to drive talent management process improvements that connect back to bottom line results. This mindset is your magic wand.

Wait a minute you say! It can’t be that easy. Just thinking strategically can’t eliminate (insert your problem here). Recently, I described a process to a group of HR professionals that I think can help you connect corporate strategy and values to solve problems through talent management interventions.

This process led one company to a $4000.00 direct cost savings each year just by connecting their corporate values to their selection process. Not to mention, they have made three new hires with this new process. Each of these hires are performing at the optimal level per their performance standards, saving the company an estimated $210.00 a day in absenteeism costs and approximately $54,000 a year per hire in turnover costs. These changes may not have been easy as waving a magic wand, but they weren’t rocket science either.

You can download the handout from this presentation here to help you walk through the steps of waving your magic wand.

What is one of your talent management processes that in its current state, needs a good dose of the magic wand?

Mary Ila Ward

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