Interview Prep for Today’s Job Market

I’ve received several requests over the past few months in regard to preparing for an interview. Interviewing can be tricky. It varies from job to job and from employer to employer. Throw in a pandemic with virtual interviews and it gets even trickier!

Just last week, I received a text from a wonderful client who was unsure of how well she did in a recent interview. She (jokingly) asked, “is there a class for interview anxiety?” If you don’t get anxious during an interview, please share your secret with the rest of us! On a side note, I’m sure she did amazing!

Also last week, a colleague shared a few fabulous resources that are great for interview prep. One of the resources was specifically about what to do during the interview. Here are my favorite takeaways:

  • Ask the Right Questions: Come with prepared questions and ask questions during the interview. Ask informed, open-ended questions to show your interest in the company and position. (examples include: What is your vision for this department? What challenges do you expect in the next six months?) On a side note, don’t ask the wrong questions (avoid questions about vacation time, benefits, or salary).
  • Sell Your Skills: Match your skills to the skills sought by the company. You can usually determine this from the job posting’s “required and preferred skills” section. Share a concise description of your experience that matches the company’s needs.
  • Keep Responses to the Point: Be a good listener. Stay on track and be direct with your responses. Keep your answers to a two-minute maximum. To prepare/practice, try the S.T.A.R. prep tool. Check out The STAR Method: The Secret to Acing Your Next Job Interview to find out how to use the S.T.A.R method.

If you are preparing for a virtual interview, check out 20 Video Interview Tips to Help You Dazzle the Hiring Manager and Get the Job.

Stay tuned, maybe we will offer an interview class soon!

Taylor Simmons

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