Innovations in #CareerAdvice and Recruiting

Unemployment rates in Alabama are slowly falling and are on track to reach numbers from the pre-pandemic job boom. In the Huntsville/Madison area, there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. As a result of a volatile job market and the workplace changes in the last year, recruiters are working through some innovative ideas for 2021.

Would you be surprised to learn that videos with the hashtag #careeradvice have reached over 80 million views since the start of 2021? TikTok has evolved into a recruiting marketplace, where job seekers and potential employers connect in a creative way. Businesses are turning to TikTok for brand visibility and as a way to reach a broader candidate pool. 

Organizations are also working internally to redesign jobs to be more adaptable and allow for built-in upskilling and cross-training. According to a Deloitte study, “41% of executives said that building workforce capability through upskilling, reskilling, and mobility is one of the most important actions they are taking to transform work”. Looking for some resources for upskilling and reskilling? Here are three:  

Forbes – Why Employee Upskilling And Reskilling Is So Important Right Now

theHRDIRECTOR – Why Upskilling and Reskilling is essential to business survival

Indeed – Upskilling Your Employees: A Guide for Managers

We see these two questions as critical components of innovation for recruiters and organizations this year: 

  • How can we introduce new brand visibility and recruiting strategies to reach a larger candidate pool?
  • How can we reimagine our organization chart, job descriptions, and talent management strategies to build in upskilling and reskilling? 


We are currently working with an organization that found itself with fewer applicants and a low applicant-to-hire ratio. We looked closely at the hiring process, we looked at job descriptions, we looked at hiring best practices in the local market, and only then did we start to ask these same questions above. 

You can get started now by mapping out your current strategy, reach, and impact. What’s working? What worked pre-pandemic, but doesn’t work now? How can you and your team innovate recruiting practices? Dig deep, then take the leap!

Jillian Miles Massey

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