Hiring a Coach to Improve Work Performance

If you are seeking to maximize your performance at work, hiring a professional coach may help you do this. We’ve mentioned key factors in vetting a coach, one of which is considering the approach or process the coach or firm follows.

Our coaching approach is grounded in our company values. Our basic leadership coaching process focuses on these key elements, stemming from our values:

1. Assessment. We start by assessing where people are from their perspective and the  perspective of people who matter in their life.

2. Self-Awareness. Based on the results of the assessment phase, we work to build self-awareness between the individual’s perception an others’ perception to determine focus.

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3. Mission statement. As a way to solidify self-awareness and focus developmental efforts, our clients formulate a mission statement based on their values in order to govern their direction.

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4. Goal setting. After a mission statement is created, our clients set goals to govern focus for maximizing performance.

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5. Feedforward and feedback. After goals are set, we work with clients to share their mission and goals with those who are tied to their performance monitoring. We provide a framework for them to seek continually feedback on the progress there are making towards maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses, through the help of a practice called feedforward (a concept developed by Marshall Goldsmith)

6. Tactical coaching.  In conjunction with the feedforward and feedback process, we work to help clients maximize strengths and improve in weak areas by tackling key areas with behavioral-based coaching. We provide discussion, reading and exercises for the client to consider and implement. These tools are designed to help individuals take their performance to the next level. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on the most common tactical areas we see come up in coaching as well as tips and tools to help improve performance in each of these areas.

What are of your performance at work would you most like to improve?


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