How do you make your resume stand out among the thousands of others received by employers?

Resume writing is among my favorite tasks in my role as a career consultant. I enjoy getting to know clients and assisting them in their job search by making their resumes the best they can possibly be by providing results of their past achievements.

In my personal professional development, I’ve taken various courses on resume writing and have learned many tricks of the trade. Key words, proper formatting and the importance of providing “results” are all key aspects of developing an awesome resume.

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Resumes are the one place where you should pull out all of the stops. Don’t hold back! This is your one shot at showing the HR executive, CEO or recruiter that you are the right choice for the job. One way to do that is to find out why the company is filling the particular role. There are three possible reasons why they are hiring: to save time, money or to generate income. If you can pinpoint why a company is hiring for the position you are seeking, you have a step up on other applicants. You can then adjust your resume and provide “results” from past work experiences and show your future employer why you are the perfect candidate. Our Resume Results Worksheet can help you get started.

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Mary Ila Ward

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