How to Write a Killer College Application and/or Scholarship Essay

Writing essays for college or scholarship applications can be intimidating. Just getting started can be a daunting task. Here are easy to follow steps for writing a killer essay:

1. Follow the instructions. This is a very important step. Read and re-read the instructions and make sure you follow them accordingly.

2. Make your essay personal. The reader should feel like they know you. Share your talents, passions and values. Include why you want to go to college and why you should be awarded the scholarship. Share information about why you’re interested in the field and any extracurricular activities, volunteer hours or internship/job shadowing experiences that are relevant.

3. Use standard essay format and quality white paper.

4. Ask someone to proofread your essay. A parent, counselor or teacher are all good choices.

5. Ask for letters of recommendations from those who know you well. As a courtesy, give those writing recommendations a few weeks to provide the letter and always write a thank you note.

6. Include your resume with your essay and/or application.

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Mary Ila Ward

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