How to be Employed to Work at Home

Written by: AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA, MA, of Work at Home Solutions 

It was 2002 and my kids were coming to me for community sports fees, uniform fees, dance costumes, school field trips and even school registration fees (high school registration one year cost $150). With all this need for extra money, I had to do something because my household budget could not be stretched to afford these extra expenses for my children. This was the motivation factor that began an online journey that has led to thousands of dollars in income and extra income for my family.

The journey to seek and find real online jobs started out much like you would expect. I fell for many online scams and was beginning to think that working at home was just a myth when one day I did an in-depth internet research to find out that there were actual real online jobs. In fact, it turns out there are hundreds of companies that have thousands of online job openings in several different industries.

3-Simple Step Process: Seek, Find and Apply

The journey to having an online job to work at home begins with a job search done using a search engine. You simply type “work at home …” and then a job title in the place of “…” So, the search bar would look like this: “work at home virtual assistant.”  Then, the screen will return a search results list of places on the web where online job openings for a virtual assistant is located. That is the “Seek” phase of the 3-Simple Step Process. The next phase in the process is “Find.”

To “Find” the job opening, you need to look over the search results and select the website that matches with the job you are seeking to work. For example, in most cases, is the one job board that remote open job positions are in great supply. To see them, all you need to do is click on the website URL in the search results and then type “remote” in the location bar. That is when you will see all the work at home open job positions. From that list choose an open online job position you are most interested in that matches with your education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities.

The “Apply” phase of the 3-Simple Step Process is similar to that of an onsite job except that for an online job application it may also include taking a skills’ assessment. In many cases skills’ assessment is a “go,” no-go” determinant for being called for an interview. The resume and cover letter (and perhaps the skills’ assessment) has to be such that the Human Resources talent seeker is impressed and contacts you for a job interview.

How to Earn Income/Extra Income Working at Home

Since 2002, I have worked jobs in Mystery Shopping, Travel Consulting, Writing, Editing, Customer Service and Faculty Evaluator all from the comfort of my home. In every one of these positions I worked, I earned bonuses, raises and promotions. In addition, I have made thousands of dollars working mini-jobs as extra income. So, you may be asking what you need to do to do the same thing I did. Begin your journey with a legitimate job and avoid the scams. The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”  You find the legitimate job using the 3-Simple Steps Process. To know the kinds of legitimate jobs that are online work at home jobs, you can spend hours of research or get my book: Work at Home with a Real Online Job. Visit my website I will do my best to help you.

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