How do you Navigate the Advancement Process?

I recently facilitated a workshop with a group of educators, some of whom are considering advancement in their field. We talked through several tips to help with navigating the process. Although I shared some information that was specific to their field, many of the tips are actually universal.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1.Give your resume a glow up! Check out more ideas here:

How do you make your resume stand out among thousands received by employers?

2. Consider these steps as you seek advancement:

    • Seek out leadership roles prior to advancement
    • Volunteer for presentations
    • Attend any professional development that’s offered 
    • Network/Make Connections 

Up your networking game with more ideas from this blog post: Networking Authentically

3. Be prepared for your interview: Read Interview Prep for Today’s Job Market, which talks about the benefits of using the S.T.A.R prep tool.

Are you ready for the next step in your career? I recommend checking out Ken Coleman’s book, The Proximity Principle to lead you in the right direction. You can also check out my book review here: The Proximity Principle – A Book Review.

Taylor Simmons

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