Growth Mindset in Career Development

We’ve been talking about having a Growth Mindset for the past few weeks. If you missed it, check out the series kickoff blog here: What is Growth Mindset? 

This time of year, we often get the opportunity to work with high school students looking for guidance related to the next steps after graduation. Career development for students looks like career exploration and exposure. That should start way before the final two years of high school, but it is definitely a priority for most students (and their parents) as secondary education draws to a close. The number one recommendation I have for high school students is to job shadow and/or conduct informational interviews to gain as much exposure as possible before selecting a career path. Check out 4 Tips for an Awesome Job Shadow or Informational Interview.

Growth mindset looks different for individuals who are in the early stages of their careers. It looks like learning and growing. Check out The Essentials of Professional Development for ideas at this stage.

For mid-career, growth mindset looks like continued development and sometimes a revisit to exploration and exposure. It is not uncommon for individuals to seek a career change in the middle of their careers. If someone is looking to make a change, an interest assessment is often a great place to start. A free assessment recommendation and more can be found in Career Change – Is it for you?

As our Growth Mindset series comes to a close, we encourage you to adopt a growth mindset and reach out to us at HPC if we can help!

Taylor Simmons

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