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Quality products can’t be delivered without quality people, or at least that is Tara Manufacturing’s philosophy when it comes to being a leader in manufacturing pool liners and safety covers. By giving back to their employees and to their community, they have been able to grow a business through stewardship.

Started by Marshall Richardson over 30 years ago the company began and continues to focus on customer satisfaction, high quality products and the shortest turnaround time for a vinyl liner in the industry. They create these outcomes by focusing their passion on creating wonderful quality of life for employees and by taking stewardship seriously.

Many companies say they focus on their employees, but how it is actually done remains a mystery. At Tara Manufacturing, this focus isn’t a mystery. Employees are treated like family by passing company financial results to employees and involving employees in company decision-making.

Employees earn quality bonuses at the end of the year and perfect attendance bonuses. In addition, they have a direct influence on the quality of the product. When mistakes are made, they are looked at and discussed with employees. Together employees and management come up with solutions, which in turn instills a passion in employees that comes from having a voice in decisions made. In addition, the emphasis is placed on treating each other with respect and listening to the ideas of the employees. Because of this, major changes in production have come from the ideas of the employees, thus directly impacting the bottom-line financial results of the company and of individual employees.

Tara Manufacturing’s retention rate is a source of pride for the organization. This high retention begins with their selection process. The company first has applicants view the mission statements and core values to make sure they are a fit with the company’s belief system.

The mission and focus is further solidified at meetings where the mission and core values of the company are read. The company grows leaders by teaching quality control classes, taking employees on site to see final products installed, teaching personal development classes like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and organizing book groups, and by involvement in the community. The company has been involved with the local county schools in the area by giving monetarily to employees and owners tutoring elementary children. They partner with the Care Center, a non-profit that helps with all the social needs of the community. The family owners of Tara have started a private foundation called the Wings of Faith Foundation that contributes to New Hope High school students to help fund their college and trade school tuition.

Tara Manufacturing believes there is a higher calling than just us. The owners of the company see themselves as stewards of what they have been given with the goal of creating opportunities for others. When asked, they say, “Yes it is important to have a healthy, financially strong business but this is for a higher purpose. It is our core belief that we are guided by our creator to contribute to our employees and our community.”







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