Ending the Year with New Habits

How is it already December! It was 4th of July just yesterday. As I sit here by the lights of my Christmas
tree, I reflect on what I’ve accomplished this year, what I haven’t and what I should do heading into the
new year.

I’m reminded of an article I read a few weeks ago on social media by House of Investors that identified 7
Habits That Can Fix 80% of Your Problems. Here is the list:

1) Create a morning ritual
2) Do a social media detox
3) Have non-negotiable (20-minute walk, no food 2 hours before bed, etc.)
4) If something takes 5 minutes or less, do it
5) Get enough rest
6) Follow the 80/20 rule (20% of tasks yield 80% of results)
7) Plan your day the night before

I love this list &  have especially worked to incorporate number 4 into my daily habits. For 2023, I want to
focus on number 3. We should all have non-negotiables.

There is one thing I would add to the list, and instead of adding it to the bottom, I would add it to the
top. The number one habit I hope to continue to focus on this December and for the new year is
gratitude. That will be the first thing on my to-do list daily. What are you grateful for? Who are you
grateful for? What can you do today to show your gratitude?

Taylor Simmons