College Prep Checklist

Have no clue what to do when to prepare for college admissions? You’re not alone. Recently, two parents and their high school senior were in our office seeking our assistance in vetting different college programs. They were shocked to hear that most admission deadlines in order to be considered for scholarships were less than two weeks away. In addition, they had already missed a few early acceptance application process deadlines to schools that were at the top of their list.

Preparation for college can be a daunting process, with many students and their parents caught at the last minute with so much to do and so little time to do it or overwhelmed with all there is to do and how early the process really should start.

We’ve taken dozens of college preparation checklists and compiled them into one list by grade. We hope that this will help you navigate what to do when as you prepare for and make decisions about college.

Horizon Point College Prep Checklist

Mary Ila Ward

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