Cicadas, Vision Boards & The Northern Lights

On Saturdays, my husband and I often go hiking. On those walks, we talk about the future, both the distant and not so distant. We are quickly approaching being empty nesters which brings on a whole new meaning to what’s next? We talk about our almost grown kids, aging parents, careers, and what 10-years down the road looks like. It seems the years go much quicker with every passing trip around the sun. This past Saturday, as the cicadas sang all around us, I thought about where I was 17 years ago (the last time they visited, when I was a mom of toddlers) and where we’ll be the next time they arrive. One recent work meeting helped me visualize what might be up next!

The HPC team enjoyed a fun afternoon of creating vision boards during our most recent quarterly planning meeting. We were led by Lana, creator of Money & Merlot. She walked us through creating a vision board & encouraged us to dream big while also making sure our dreams were attainable. We thought through what we’d like to accomplish this year, the next few years & 10 years and beyond. We included fun pictures of successful work, time with family and friends, future homes, pets, travel, and more.

In all honesty, I do not see myself as super creative, but the process was simple & it was so fun to dream about the future! When you are in the thick of life (raising kids and paying bills), you sometimes forget about why you do all you do & the fact that you are slowly creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. My daughter is home from college for the summer, and we all spent some time searching for the Northern Lights this past weekend. I love having all my ducks home, even if I only have a few more years of having the whole family under my roof.  With all the hustle and bustle of life, I was reminded this Mother’s Day weekend that taking time to create a vision while enjoying the present is so important.

What are your plans for the future? Check out How to Use a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals from to learn more about vision boarding and stay tuned for the HPC team’s vision board reveal, coming June 2024!


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Taylor Simmons