Entrepreneurship is one of our passions. We are excited to be presenting at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) conference in Orlando next week about how to start a business. We hope you can join us if you are at the conference, but if not, here are our 7 steps for starting a successful business. After the conference, we will be launching an online course with this curriculum, so stay tuned for how you can participate in learning this information in a self-paced format online.

Mommas Maintaining Grit?

Throw-up had literally been everywhere.  All week.  As had it’s counterpart that also comes along with what would later be diagnosed as rotavirus in my son. I had multiple meetings scheduled both with current and desired clients.  I had blocked off time to prepare for the next week that involved three different training sessions.   Each required the preparation and roll out of new material. I just couldn’t wing these. And because of said throw-up coming often at night, I hadn’t slept.  Neither had my husband, and he had multiple priorities at work to attend to as well. I canceled all

Horizon Point welcomes Lorrie Howard to our team!

Written by guest blogger: Lorrie Howard If anyone had asked me when I was in college what field I wanted to go into, Human Resources wouldn’t even have been on my list of possibilities. There are those of us who know what we are destined for and then there are those of us, like myself, who seem to stumble upon it when we least expect it. I like to say that I didn’t find HR, it found me. I started my HR career working for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing outsourced HR services to clients that ranged from small

Rounding- It’s Not Just for Doctors

By guest blogger: Steve Graham “Rounding” is a term most people associate with doctors. Doctors make rounds to check on patients and engage with those involved in patient care. This practice has existed for decades in healthcare. In most business environments rounding is not as common, but it should be! In his best selling book, Hardwiring Excellence, Quint Studer comments on how leaders tend to be task-oriented, however, most people desire a deeper level of connection. According to Studer, almost 40% of staff leaves due to a poor relationship with their supervisor or manager (Studer 2003). One great thing about

The Smartest Ways To Plan Your Life: Tips On Your Financial Future

Written by guest blogger: Jackie Waters. Jackie is passionate about sustainability and simplicity.  She runs, providing advice on being…Hyper Tidy!  Planning for the future sounds like a scary, overwhelming task, but once we reach a certain age it’s imperative to have a plan in place for finances, living situations, education, and emergencies, and not just for yourself–for your children too. Many people find it difficult to budget for next month, let alone ten years down the road, but there are several easy ways to help you can start planning for the future and give yourself peace of mind; you just have

Leaders, Set Manageable Goals to Lead and Run Well

Week 14 Weekly Mileage: 32 Long Run: 16 I dipped out last week and didn’t write a week 13 running and leading post. I was too busy with work and with trying to keep up with training and family, so I gave myself a bye week- for writing, not running (we ran 38 miles last week).  Maybe the best leadership lesson for this post should be for us all to give ourselves a bye every once in a while…. But a topic has been weighing on me related to running and leading stemming from my long run of 22 miles alone a

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Out on Your Own to Start a Business

Today’s post is a video of founder of Horizon Point Consulting, Inc., Mary Ila Ward, discussing her path to entrepreneurship.  She addresses the following five questions in the video for those considering a business start-up: Can you stick your foot in the water before jumping in full force? If not, have you planned financially to jump out on your own all at once? How are you building relationships now to foster potential success for going out on your own in the future? Is entrepreneurship right for you?  What is your motivation for doing what you are doing? Do you have

3 Things Leaders & Runners Need to Do to Customize Towards Optimal Performance

Week 10 Mileage: 47 miles Long Run Distance:  20 miles   Shalane Flanagan, who was the top American marathon finisher in Rio (6th overall),  almost didn’t make the Olympic team. The trials were in LA during a day of grueling heat, and after starting strong, things unraveled fast. Having trouble with the digestion of her fluids, she started to get chills which indicates a problem with dehydration.  Her drinks were too concentrated and she ended up having absorption problems. At mile 23, she described her experience on the Runner’s World Show Podcast, “Amy like (her training partner), I’m really struggling…” “My face

Leaders, Do You Surprise and Delight?

Week 5 Mileage: 32 (I only ran 28- I fell down the steps on Sunday and my foot looked like this for the beginning of the week.) Long Run Distance:  13 (Half- Marathon Race)   We ran 14 miles last Saturday, the longest distance my husband and training partner have ever run.  It went fairly well, but running towards the “finish line” of this run topped it off as a memorable one. As we rounded the corner, we could see that someone had left four cold beers on the curb for us.  Our neighbors had timed our return and set

The Job Market is Tight Again- What’s Your Strategy?

    Although the great recession of 2008-2009 is still a fixture in many peoples’ minds, the job market has changed substantially since those recession years.   I’m hearing more HR pros and business leaders complain about not being able to source and hire quality talent in a broader set of areas than usual.   We aren’t just complaining about the need for computer programmers and skilled tradespersons anymore. According to the latest BLS Report on job openings and labor turnover,  “Job openings have trended upward since their series low in July 2009, and have surpassed the prerecession peak (April 2007). In