Passion + Productivity = Give Back

As I walk into Micor to talk with their Vice President, Dave Ponegalek, about how they demonstrate passion + productivity = give back in the work that they do, there are signs on every door in the building that say “Thank you Ms. Lydia for your 5 years of service.”   When I arrived, I saw “Ms. Lydia” as most affectionately call her, walking over from the other building with a huge cake in her hand.  Her anniversary cake.  Everyone in the company has been over at the building celebrating her five years of contribution to the company. Although Dave never

Passion + Productivity = Give Back

Making a transition back into the workplace can be challenging for a stay-at-home mom or dad that has been out of the workplace for quite some time, but with a focus on discerning what your passionate about, how that can make you productive and how that leads to you giving back to a cause, community or purpose that you love, the transition is not quite as hard as it seems. Whitney Clemons, a realtor with Ben Porter ERA did just that.   Trained as an Accountant at the University of Alabama, Whitney spent time in her twenties working as an accountant

BEYOND Thrilled to Welcome Taylor Simmons to our Team!

We are BEYOND thrilled to have Taylor Simmons begin work with Horizon Point as a Career Consultant.   Taylor has a background in human resources and workforce development, most recently serving as the Director of Education and Workforce Development for the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce. Taylor’s education, experience and skills will bring tremendous value to Horizon Point as we seek to grow passion and productivity in the workplace, but most importantly, Taylor embodies the Horizon Point Values of People First, Passion, Productivity, Continuous Learning and Improvement and Give Back. Taylor’s Passion + Productivity = Give Back mindset begins with her

3 Introverted leaders and the leadership lessons we can learn from them

We used to think leaders were born, not made. Now we know through training, coaching and mentoring the skills needed to be an effective leader can be learned.  However, there are certain leadership situations, company cultures and team dynamics lend well to certain types of personality traits (“born” characteristics) that individuals possess that make a person more effective in their leadership role.  One of the most common personality continuums discussed today is introversion/extraversion. A rundown of the dynamic can be seen here:  Orientation of energy E     EXTRAVERSION Energized when you are with people  Talk out your ideas First

Passion + Productivity = Give Back

“Rarely are there ever great achievements without great expectations.”  A mid-sized manufacturing firm in a small Alabama community demonstrates the give back mindset through their passion and productivity. This focus has transformed an almost bankrupt company into a thriving and profitable business. Not only that, their passion and productivity prompts them to give back to the community in which they live and work.  The company’s mission statement reads, “We are passionate about resolutions that positively impact our customers.” With this mission, the President of the Company states, “We have products and solutions that can help make customers more productive, save

Moving BEYOND WORK- Our Company Values

Our challenge this year as a company is creating a scalability framework that can help us drive growth. Beginning this process in 2014 has helped us realize the value of values and of getting them down on paper. We help our organizational and individual clients do this on a regular basis, but have been behind the curve on practicing what we preach! Our company values that will drive our growth and services are: People First. We believe people are a company and community’s greatest asset. This is why we work to foster passion and productivity in people. We realize that