3 Quotes to Consider When Leading Volunteers

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to lead volunteers as a staff member as well as a chair of an all-volunteer board. It can certainly be a challenge, but it is also a great privilege and offers surprising rewards! I remember planning an awards event several years ago that went awry. We had more than a dozen people show up that did not RSVP. My first thoughts were: where will we seat them & will there be enough food? As I look back, I am so thankful for the volunteers who jumped in to help. That was one of

I Think It Was His Eyes That Got Me

I think it was his eyes that got me. Deep brown, wide and curious with one a little lazy, I noticed he seemed a little lost in the mix. Or maybe what got me was that he was wearing the same Hulk Smash Halloween costume my kindergartener was wearing during their Halloween class party over two years ago. I was there as a mom trying to help with the chaos of five and six-year-olds amped up on candy and holiday excitement when I noticed him. The teacher had a neat pumpkin game where each child was given a small plastic

APR’s Passion + Productivity = Give Back

Guest blogger, Travis Muszynski writes: I work for a company called APR in Opelika, Alabama. Although I’ve only been with the company for about three years, it all started with a few very smart people that wanted to make parts and software for their own cars.  The parts became products and before you know it, APR was born.  From that day on, APR has gotten to where we are through hard work, late nights, attending shows and simply doing what we love. We are known for high quality performance software and hardware for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche.  The vehicles we modify

FireSeeds’ Passion + Productivity = Give Back story

For FireSeeds, a recruitment and leader development company in Birmingham, Alabama, work is a place for impact. Founded by Cord Sachs and Justin Harris in 2011, the company exists to create multiplying movements of multiplying leaders in the for-purpose marketplace. “We desire to connect integrity-filled leaders with companies who value their culture. We also create consistent and intentional leader development strategies for organizations through an online platform called WildSparq.com,” said Will Riley, Marketing Director for the firm. To FireSeeds staff, passion comes from impacting people. “It all goes back to our vision of creating multiplying movements. A movement happens when

Give Back Feature – Tara Manufacturing

Quality products can’t be delivered without quality people, or at least that is Tara Manufacturing’s philosophy when it comes to being a leader in manufacturing pool liners and safety covers. By giving back to their employees and to their community, they have been able to grow a business through stewardship. Started by Marshall Richardson over 30 years ago the company began and continues to focus on customer satisfaction, high quality products and the shortest turnaround time for a vinyl liner in the industry. They create these outcomes by focusing their passion on creating wonderful quality of life for employees and

True Leadership is Servant Leadership: Cory’s Give Back

As our focus on leadership this month comes to a close, it is only fitting for us to highlight someone in our Passion + Productivity = Give Back feature whose passion is focused on developing leaders of all ages. Cory Wilbanks, Director of Leadership Development at the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, facilitates four yearlong leadership classes for members of the community. Her focus is on growing potential leaders as well as nurturing the skills of well-established leaders. She does this not only through the leadership programs, but also through her own personal volunteer efforts and supporting the volunteer efforts of

Give Back Story—Just Give it a Whirl!

Sometimes we discover our talents and our passions when we least expect them, and that is often when we are using them to meet a need. It often takes someone else to recognize the talent and passion within us. Ginny Pylant, discovered her talents for the visual arts, when she needed a large piece of art for the living room of her home and a friend saw what she had done. “Having just moved in and done a lot of updating to a new home our budget was not conducive to the hefty price tag that went along with the

Give Back Feature- Ben Eubanks

Making HR Better- One Pro at a Time is Ben Eubank’s mission.   Ben, who started his career in Human Resources in 2008, has a passion for his field that gets him up at 5 AM on the weekends to blog and develop other content to help HR professionals become better at what they do. He does this in addition to holding down a full-time HR role himself and raising three young children with his wife (and he runs quite a bit too!). The results of Ben’s efforts have led to national speaking opportunities, recognition for his efforts in global publications

Passion + Productivity = Give Back: Education Elements

Education Elements, an organization that helps school districts personalize learning, embodies the saying “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand” in their approach to education. Because of their belief that learning can be customized for every student, powerful results are being seen across the nation in student outcomes. Their story demonstrates how passion + productivity for the work that they do and for improving K-12 education leads to students who are better prepared by their education for college and career so that they can give back to their communities as

Passion + Productivity = Give Back

As January comes to a close, many of us are saddled with the potential reality that our new years resolutions, many of them fitness and health related, are falling by the wayside. Susan Ozier, a Health and Fitness Coach, knows how many of us feel when it comes to this reality and is using her personal experience to fuel passion and productivity to give back to others in a way that helps them achieve their goals. She is passionate about helping other women learn how to eat healthy and in turn feed their family healthy foods because when a person