High School Advice

With only a few months left in my high school career, I look back on my decisions and feel like I am college ready. In the past weeks, I have broken down how to be college ready for freshmen, sophomores,juniors, and seniors. Sadly this isn’t the case with all of my graduating class. Even though most of them will be accepted into college, most of them will not be able to keep up with the responsibilities of college. If you plan on going to college, take AP courses. They will challenge you and your grades might not be as good,

Playing the ACT/SAT “Game”

There is a lot of fuss about college admissions testing and a lot of money (it’s a multi-billion dollar industry) spent on test prep services. In fact, Press coverage last week regarding standardized college entrance exams was all a buzz with the announcement of changes being made to the SAT. Why is there so much focus on these tests? Because if you want to get in to the school of your choice and if you want to get scholarship money, your ACT/SAT score is the number one determinate. We’ve even been focusing on the ACT prep here at Horizon Point


As a high school student who has taken the ACT nine times, I understand how hopeless you can feel after taking your first ACT. My first one I received a 17 and was devastated. It made me sick to hear about students who took the test the first time and made a 32. I had to realize that my mind was not made like that; the ACT was not something I could breeze through. I had to buckle down and put hours into practicing and tutoring.   Studying for the ACT can be overwhelming, but learning how the test works