Career Development as Performance Management

I recently had the opportunity to work with a young man whose employer was doing things right. He was engaged and eager to advance within the company. The employer reached out to HPC for guidance in talent development. They saw his drive to succeed and wanted to capitalize on that drive to develop his career within their company, and performance management was their go-to tool. We facilitated assessments, discussed results and goals & used our Leaders as Career Agents tool to develop an Individual Development Plan.

With research showing us that approximately 70 percent of the workforce is currently disengaged, developing leaders who can drive employee engagement in order to produce results is critical. At Horizon Point, we often work with companies who know firsthand that engaging and growing employees is the key to retention and overall company success.

Here are three steps for implementing career development as performance management:

  1. Facilitate conversations around career goals.
  2. Collaboratively develop career advancement plans grounded in behaviors. 
  3. Provide projects and assignments that foster career advancement.

When was the last time your employer discussed career development with you? Are you an employer who needs insight into the best way to engage employees through career development? Register for our upcoming webinar, 2021 Career Development as Performance Management, here


Taylor Simmons