Career Change Ahead! Could Engineering be the Right Fit for You?

Engineering is a “hot field” right now. Whether you are considering changing your college major or are currently in the workforce and looking for a career change, engineering may be one option you should consider.

Do you enjoy science and math? Maybe lab work and analyzing data is something you do in your current career that you like and want to continue to do. Or maybe you enjoy working with blueprints and designing. If so, a career in an engineering discipline might be a good fit for you.

According to Wikipedia:

Engineering is the application of scientificeconomic, social, and practical knowledge in order to inventdesign, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.

The discipline of engineering is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on particular areas of applied science, technology and types of application.

As referenced in the above definition, there are several types of engineering. Check out the links below to read about a few of the options:

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Environmental Engineer

If you are currently in the education field and are working as a science or math teacher, and are looking for a more lucrative career that allows you to incorporate your math or science expertise, chemical or environmental engineering may be for you.

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What education is required?

In general, engineering jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. If you currently possess a bachelor’s degree in another field, you can check with your local university to find out what additional courses are required. Check outEducation Portal for information on engineering courses.

What is the pay like?

Chemical Engineer




Civil Engineer



Mechanical Engineer



Environmental Engineer



What is the Holland Code* for Chemical Engineers?

Interest code: IR

Investigative — Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems mentally.
Realistic — Realistic occupations frequently involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They often deal with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the occupations require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.


(*Holland codes for other types of engineering can be found on ONET)



On the other hand, maybe you are an engineer. You earn a great salary, but work long hours. You loved your career as a young college gradate, but now you have different priorities. What are your options?

Again, since there are many enigneering disciplines, you should consider a career change that incorporates what you love(d) about engineering to begin with. That may be science, math, designing, etc. Maybe a high school teacher would be a good choice for you. If time with family is a priority and salary is not an issue, consider the education field.

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Regardless of what career you currently have, if you are itching to make a change, examine the following as you begin:

What is missing from what I do now that I want to be able to do on a regular basis? What skills do I need to use on a regular basis to bring satisfaction?

What is it that I do now that I want to continue to be able to do? What skills that I want to continue to use are transferrable to other careers?

What type of environment do I enjoy working in?

What careers match with the skills and abilities I want to use and are also in line with my work values?

A career assessment may help you with these questions. We can help you with an in-depth assessment that examines your personality and desired skills and abilities or you can take a free one here.

Mary Ila Ward

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