Back to School: Assessments are Beneficial for Each Phase of Life

It’s that time again, back to school, back to campus, back to the busyness of fall! As we move to a new season of the year, many of us are also moving to a new phase of life. Assessments can be beneficial at all stages. Here are a few we recommend.

Beginning Middle School: 






Now’s the time for exploration! Middle schoolers typically have access to assessments at school that allows for exploration. Here are a couple of others we recommend:

What’s Your Learning Style?

Your Free Career Test

Career Spotlight videos on YouTube are also great for this age group!

Beginning High School/Starting College:






Any Holland-based assessment is ideal for this stage. Holland assessments are interest-based & tie into personality also. At Horizon Point, we utilize the STRONG Interest Inventory. Another assessment we recommend (that is free) is My Next Move. It is a short assessment & a great starting point for finding out about interests and potential career fields.

Informational interviews and/or job shadows are also great for this stage!

Mid-Career Change:










16 Personalities – This assessment is also free & provides your MBTI (personality type). I don’t typically recommend personality assessments for high schoolers since personality can change a bit as we move into adulthood. This assessment offers insight into personality, ideal work environments & more.

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Taylor Simmons

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