7 Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Networking is great for business development, but more often than not, it’s key to career development. Whether you’re in search of your first job or seeking a career change, you need to be networking!

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for. – Christine Comaford-Lynch

The vast majority of job vacancies are never advertised and part of a hidden job market. Experts say at least 75% of job openings are part of this hidden market. To be in the loop, you must network.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts to help you get started:

  1. Do join professional organizations related to your field.
  2. Do network online. LinkedIn is a great online networking tool. Read 20 Critical Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn Networking.
  3. Do volunteer (volunteer opportunities often lead to job opportunities).
  4. Do always have business cards or copies of your resume on hand when attending a networking event.
  5. Do keep track of your networking. Use Horizon Point’s Networking Log.
  6. Don’t only talk to those you know at networking events. The entire purpose is to grow your network. Branch out and meet new people.
  7. Don’t overshare – especially in relation to anything negative about your current or previous employer or job.

Check out Networking Your Way to a New Job for more great ideas and let the networking begin!


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Mary Ila Ward