Company Values: Are You Learning?

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting  During a recent workshop with junior high students, one topic we discussed was becoming an apprentice for life. Now, more than ever, continuous learning is relevant regardless of your industry (or your age). At Horizon Point, it is one of our core values, and it is one of my favorite things about my career and the company I work for. Continuous Learning. We believe continual learning is a key driver in creating passion and productivity in life and in work. To that end, we invest in the personal development of our people

How to Move Your Goods to Greats

Our previous post, “Leaders, Focus on Moving Your Middle – Play Offense, Not Defense”, emphasized the importance of focusing on moving your middle majority to high performers. But how do you do that?  How do you get your good players, or your B players, to become A players? They all can’t be converted, but those who have usually have a leader that: 1. Sets high expectations.   This comes in the form of setting challenging goals and holding people accountable to them. 2. After high expectations are set, the leader then provides Assurance and Confidence.  This involves saying things like,  “I know we’ve

Continuous Learning.. Are You Cheating Yourself?

Guest blog written by: Lorrie Howard, Horizon Point Consulting I was recently presented with the opportunity to start hosting a monthly event that brings HR professionals together to discuss issues we are facing and to learn from each other’s experiences. I volunteered for the opportunity without hesitation, knowing that my co-workers would both be excited for me in my new endeavor and support me in any way needed. Continuous Learning. We believe continual learning is a key driver in creating passion and productivity in life and in work. To that end, we invest in the personal development of our people

4 Ways to Seize the Moment

I had the chance to catch-up on some reading while on vacation recently.  I received The Power of Moments from a co-worker as a birthday present (she knows my love language is books), and it had been sitting on my office desk just itching to be read. The book highlights the importance of four characteristics that create moments: Elevation- Experiences that “rise above the routine.” Insight– Experiences that “rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world”. Pride–  Experiences that “capture us at our best” including times of achievement and/or courage.” Connection– Experiences that are social and that are heightened because they are

People First

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting  People first is one company value that I feel we do right at Horizon Point. As I prepared to step on the treadmill last night around 5:30pm, my phone rang. Knowing it was a work-related call that might take a few minutes, I answered it anyway. The person on the line was in California and seeking guidance on a credentialing application. Working with individuals across time zones means, we often get calls that aren’t in our “scheduled working hours”, but it allows us to make a difference in a much larger

Leaders, Focus on Moving your Middle- Play Offense, Not Defense

Let’s pretend you have a performance appraisal system that rates people on a scale of 1-7.  One being the worst, seven being rock-star status.   You have ten direct reports and you have honestly and accurately rated them all (we’re assuming a perfect world here, bear with me). Here’s the breakdown of where people fall: You have three people in the 1-3 range. You have six people in the 4-6 range. And you have one lone rock star at 7. Which group should you focus most of your energy on in the coming year? If customer satisfaction research leads us to

Networking Authentically

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting  As we continue to explore authenticity, let’s consider authenticity in networking. As we all know, networking is essential for the job seeker. I recently found a survey that claimed 85 percent of jobs are found through networking. So, how can we network, bring our “A” game and continue to be authentic? Develop an elevator speech. The key is storytelling. Be honest and be you! Check out a previous post from the Point Blog for tips: If you are attending a formal networking event (such as a job fair), do your

How to Train Leaders to Act with Courage

I remember when I got feedback one time after a leadership training session that the training needed to include more role-playing. I hate role-playing. Or at least participating in it, so I assumed everyone else hates the exercise of pretending too. But besides hating it, I thought there were other learning methods that could emulate the same type of result that role-playing could, so I avoided it. But when I think about trying to coach and teach people through critical leadership moments- those that require courage- role-playing, or at least practicing what needs to be done may be the best