Take the Negative out of No

Guest blog written by: Lorrie Howard, Horizon Point Consulting  This past weekend the pastor from my former church in Virginia stepped down from his position due to health issues. As I watched the Indoctrination Ceremony to install the new pastor online, I was overwhelmed by my pastor’s grace and gratitude. I was inspired by his authenticity regarding his circumstances. As he spoke of his need to step down, he also spoke of his calling to step up into a supporting role for the new pastor, someone that has been a part of the church and supported him for many years.

#MeToo and the Onslaught of Sexual Harassment Training Requests

Long about mid-December when you couldn’t turn on the news without hearing about the next case of pervasive sexual harassment in every facet of the working world, our phone and inbox started blowing up with requests for sexual harassment training and training resources. Almost every HR leader was given direction from the C-Suite and/or self-directed to try to take the bull by the horns and “train” people on sexual harassment before they got hit with a claim in their workplace. Whereas I think driving a culture through behavioral actions is the best way to keep sexual harassment or any other

Leaders, Does Your Attitude Speak Gratitude?

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting   If you missed my “Authenticity, Gratitude and Leadership” blog, check it out here. Forbes published an article titled:  Great Leaders have an Attitude of Gratitude – Do You? Here is an exert that resonates with our theme: Gratitude Practice Close your eyes. Focus on a blessing in your life… something you are thankful for. See an image of this blessing in your mind’s eye. Offer a silent “thank you” to the person or object of your blessing. Relax into the feeling of gratitude. Take a deep breath. Feel more gratitude.

Finding Your Own Path

Guest blog written by: Lorrie Howard, Horizon Point Consulting  A recent conversation with my eight-year old son made me realize just how early in life we begin to compare ourselves to others and try to adjust who we are to fit in with those around us. As we continue to explore authenticity, and specifically being true to yourself and not comparing yourself to others, I am reminded of this quote.     Our journeys are each unique, the paths we take are ours alone. For a great article about one man’s journey to being authentically happy and his three principles

Authenticity, Gratitude and Leadership

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting  As I facilitated coaching sessions with several individuals the past couple of weeks, one question I asked each person was their opinion of what makes a great leader. The answers varied. However, I noticed one theme – leaders should “lead by example.” We have been talking about “authenticity” on the blog. With that in mind and reflecting on the sessions I mentioned, what is the connection between authenticity and being a great leader? In my previous blog, I focused on gratitude in relation to authenticity. So, what does that look like

“There’s no bathroom for me here…” Finding Your Voice

I sat down to watch a movie a week or so ago with my husband.  I average getting through about one full movie a year (apart from the Disney movies that are constantly playing at my house…. “Let it go, Let it go…. Oh, I digress….) so I’m ahead of schedule this year. It was a movie I asked my husband to get, Hidden Figures, and after three months of it sitting in its Netflix case he told me it was time to watch it or he was simply going to send it back. So we watched it. I thought

Take time for the little things…

Guest Blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point consulting As we continue to focus on authenticity and specifically “gratitude” in relation to living authentically, I thinks this quote says it all. What are you grateful for?   Want to know how gratitude can change your life? Here is a great post for you to check out.   Here are more posts on living in gratitude, part of our Year of Authenticity series, you may enjoy: Living in Gratitude Living Life Gratefully is Living Life Authentically 2018 Is the Year of Authenticity