Are Your Goals Comfortable, Delusional or Somewhere in Between?

We’ve been talking about methods for goal setting here at The Point Blog to set us all up for a successful 2017.  The last “method” I want to share really isn’t a method, but great food for thought for considering goals and setting them. It comes from Michael Hyatt who has most recently put out a course to help people prepare for 2017 called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. As a guest on the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn, he discussed the limitations and possibilities of making 2017 the best year yet.  In thinking about these

The Smartest Ways To Plan Your Life: Tips On Your Financial Future

Written by guest blogger: Jackie Waters. Jackie is passionate about sustainability and simplicity.  She runs, providing advice on being…Hyper Tidy!  Planning for the future sounds like a scary, overwhelming task, but once we reach a certain age it’s imperative to have a plan in place for finances, living situations, education, and emergencies, and not just for yourself–for your children too. Many people find it difficult to budget for next month, let alone ten years down the road, but there are several easy ways to help you can start planning for the future and give yourself peace of mind; you just have

A Holistic Goal Setting Method

When I think about goal setting from a holistic perspective, Zig Ziglar’s wheel of life concept seems to be best.  When I’m honest with myself, I’m not really a holistic goal setter. I find it easier to set two types of goals:  Business or career goals and fitness goals. Zig’s approach helps me see that in many areas of my life that are important to me- like my spiritual life and my relationship with my friends and my husband- I’m very haphazard instead of intentional. The spokes of the wheel are: Career Financial Spiritual Physical Intellectual Family Social The approach

A Simple Goal Setting Method

Goal setting works. But how do you go about deciding what your goals will be? The late Stephen Covey, emphasizes in at least two of his bestsellers (First Things First and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) the concept of time management and therefore goal setting based on importance of well, what’s important. The method for setting your goals (or big rocks as he terms them) is simple.  Ask yourself two questions: What is the one thing that if I STARTED doing it, would make a tremendous positive difference in my life? What is the one thing that if I

How to be Employed to Work at Home

Written by: AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA, MA, of Work at Home Solutions  It was 2002 and my kids were coming to me for community sports fees, uniform fees, dance costumes, school field trips and even school registration fees (high school registration one year cost $150). With all this need for extra money, I had to do something because my household budget could not be stretched to afford these extra expenses for my children. This was the motivation factor that began an online journey that has led to thousands of dollars in income and extra income for my family. The journey to seek

Methods to the Madness of Goal Setting

It’s that time of year.  New Year’s resolutions abound still on this 10th day of the New Year.  We’re sticking to them now.  Will we by month end? New Years’ resolutions are quite simply, goals.  They can be set at any time of the year, and there are as many methods for setting and pursuing them as there are failed attempts at reaching them. But goal setting is a method that works. Research shows it does if it is handled within certain contexts and parameters. For the sake of full disclosure, I’m all about goal setting as a performance management method. I

Don’t Miss the Bus- Talent Management Lessons at its Finest from Lane Kiffin

I don’t know about you, but there has been a lot of football on at our house over the holiday break.  So much so, that as I was putting up Christmas decorations on Monday, I was silently cussing the college football season wishing my husband would get off the couch and help instead of watching more of what seems to be an endless bowl season. Then I hear him say,  “WHAT?!?!”  and turn up Gameday. “Babe,” he yells, “He fired Kiffin.” “He’s (Nick Saban) is about to come on live, you gotta come listen to this.” Despite my frustration, I