Top 10 Posts of 2016 and the Icing on the Cake

  2016 showed us, at least in terms of the popularity of blog posts, that it was a year of innovation. More than half of our top 10 blog posts for the year focused on innovation in the workplace: You Can Hire for Fit AND Diversity: How the Most Innovative Companies Hire The Name of the Game is FREEDOM: How Innovative Companies Motivate, Get, and Retain the Best… Innovate or Die? And the Best Places to Work Rules to Preserve Freedom and Culture: How Innovative Companies Go about Rule-Making How Neuroscience Is and Will Revolutionize HR   Others that came

2016 Book of the Year

At Horizon Point, we’ve been in the habit of providing end of the year book recommendations and reviews. You can check some previous ones out here: The Best Books of 2015 10 Books Leaders Need to Be Reading The Best Book to Give Every Person on Your Christmas Gift List Book Review 2013 We like books so much, we even provide book favorites off schedule like this Top 10 List of Leadership Books. But this year one book was so good that our 2016 recommendation is simply one: When Breath Becomes Air For us, a reoccurring theme seemed to emerge in

Bridging the Divide… Education for the Future

A country divided is what we are all hearing.  I’m tired of hearing it, are you? But as I examine the problem, realizing I am, like we all are, a part of it, I think Steve Boese in his HR Technology Blog described the problem best as he summarized the meaning of a chart illustrating the growing income divide in our country: Their jobs, if they are employed, are worse than the ones they used to have. They have less job security than ever before. They are increasingly unprepared to do many of the ‘new’ kinds of jobs that might

8 Steps to Run and Lead Well

On November 20th, in wind gusts up to 45 mph, we finished the Philadelphia Marathon.  All five of us.  Our times ranged from 4 hours 21 minutes to 4 hours 55 minutes, but we all crossed the finish line with a smile. In taking the journey this fall through the parallels drawn from running and leading well, it really all boils down to these few things: 1. Have a meaningful goal and motivation towards that goal. 2. Have a plan to meet that goal; chunk your tasks into manageable pieces to achieve the goal. 3. There is no elevator to success; you have