Leaders and Runners, Don’t Run the Race Alone

Week 12 Mileage: 42-51 miles  (depending on how well you stick with the true plan) Long Run Distance:  22 miles   I’m gearing up to run the longest run of the marathon training plan tomorrow, and I have to go it alone. This peak week of training happens to correspond with an out of town business trip. And I am DREADING it. Whereas a 3-4 mile run alone can be a refreshing experience, running 22 miles solo is just downright terrible in my opinion.  Who wants to do that alone?  There is not enough music and not enough podcasts to

Entrepreneurs Give Back

Many entrepreneurs find a path to entrepreneurship in their efforts to accomplish two things: Find personal fulfillment and satisfaction Give back to others and the communities in which they serve And the reality of it is that, oftentimes, number one is fulfilled because number two is constantly being sought.   Giving back creates the end that satisfies many other means. We’ve featured several of these like-minded entrepreneurs over the years, and wanted to remind you of their great stories to check out as inspiration: Ginny Pylant- Artist- Just Give it A Whirl Ben Eubanks– HR Pro Susan Ozier- Fitness Coach Who

Leader, Do You Need to Hold Back?

Week 11 Mileage: 35 miles Long Run Distance:  15 miles   This week (tomorrow) we drop down to a 15-mile run for the long run. Our weekday runs also have dropped back too, with what has been a typical 9-10 mile Thursday run decreasing to seven this week. We’re following a training plan from Runner’s World which gives us this “easy” week before next week, which is what I like to call “peak week” – a 22 mile long run, which pushes the weekly mileage close to 50 miles, before the taper three weeks before the marathon. As I think

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Out on Your Own to Start a Business

Today’s post is a video of founder of Horizon Point Consulting, Inc., Mary Ila Ward, discussing her path to entrepreneurship.  She addresses the following five questions in the video for those considering a business start-up: Can you stick your foot in the water before jumping in full force? If not, have you planned financially to jump out on your own all at once? How are you building relationships now to foster potential success for going out on your own in the future? Is entrepreneurship right for you?  What is your motivation for doing what you are doing? Do you have

3 Things Leaders & Runners Need to Do to Customize Towards Optimal Performance

Week 10 Mileage: 47 miles Long Run Distance:  20 miles   Shalane Flanagan, who was the top American marathon finisher in Rio (6th overall),  almost didn’t make the Olympic team. The trials were in LA during a day of grueling heat, and after starting strong, things unraveled fast. Having trouble with the digestion of her fluids, she started to get chills which indicates a problem with dehydration.  Her drinks were too concentrated and she ended up having absorption problems. At mile 23, she described her experience on the Runner’s World Show Podcast, “Amy like (her training partner), I’m really struggling…” “My face

8 Steps to Go Out on Your Own as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a workforce development strategy we all need to focus on and consider more.  Either at the individual or community level, entrepreneurship is a viable way to create wealth, develop professional satisfaction and, at the end of the day, help more people. I find that more and more people are considering going out on their own for their next career strategy.  In fact, many people are referring now to the “Free Agent Nation” or the “1099 economy” with over one-fifth of the population working on a 1099 instead of W-2.   In addition, more and more companies and educational entities

You Gotta Gitcha Some Help to Lead and Run Well

Week 9 Week 8 Mileage: 43 miles Long Run Distance:  20 miles I distinctly remember a friend crying after I told her I was leaving the job and company we both worked for and moving back home.  I was in my mid-twenties, and an opportunity for my husband had landed us back in our hometown.   I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about moving back home then, thinking we probably needed to explore a little bit more of the world before returning to our roots. But my friend’s tears told me otherwise.  She wasn’t crying because she was sad to see

3 Performance Management Lessons from Kindergarten

Our son started kindergarten last month. We are fortunate that he has a wonderful teacher at an outstanding school. However, his behavior in kindergarten started out a little rocky. The teacher took a few weeks to teach them about what behavior was expected in class before she started notifying us as parents about their behavior at the end of each day using the color-coded system you see in this picture. After two days of yellow and then a day of orange came home, you better believe the Ward household was not a happy place.  Consequences happened, but we’ve begun to see his behavior improve.