Paying for College – What are the options?

The average cost of college is $23,000 per year and rising annually. This is intimidating for both students and parents alike. However, there are tons of scholarships and financial aid tools out there. Just knowing where to go for information is worth reading this article. So, let’s get started. First, you should become familiar with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Completing this application is essential for high school students who will be applying for scholarships. Many scholarships require the FAFSA application be completed prior to completing their application. Here is a link to the website and online


Leaders make more leaders. You aren’t a leader if you don’t. But how do you go about making more leaders? By acting as a career agent, you can successfully combat disengagement and serve the role that a leader is meant to serve- growing others. But how do you play the role of career agent? Here are three easy steps:   1. ASK & ASSESS: Asking simply involves deploying the question, “What do you want out of your career?” in individual meetings with your subordinates. You may want to break this down into what they want 1 year, 3 years, 5

Resumes – A Must for High School Students

A resume is essential for college or career bound high school students. Applying for colleges is competitive, as is applying for a job. An easy to read, well-developed resume that sets you apart from others can help put you in a favorable position. So, how do you get started? First, you should make a comprehensive list of your academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Be sure to include all activities, honors, jobs, internships, volunteer hours, and so on. Ask others for input. Teachers, counselors, parents and friends can be helpful in creating your list. Next, you can begin to build your

How to Write a Killer College Application and/or Scholarship Essay

Writing essays for college or scholarship applications can be intimidating. Just getting started can be a daunting task. Here are easy to follow steps for writing a killer essay: 1. Follow the instructions. This is a very important step. Read and re-read the instructions and make sure you follow them accordingly. 2. Make your essay personal. The reader should feel like they know you. Share your talents, passions and values. Include why you want to go to college and why you should be awarded the scholarship. Share information about why you’re interested in the field and any extracurricular activities, volunteer

What you need to complete a college application

Every college application is different, and before you begin your college applications, you need to make sure you understand the ins and outs of applications. Once you understand the basics, you can gather information that will most likely be standard on most applications, to save you time and effort in completing all the materials. Here is list of what you most likely will need:   *Some schools require that this information be filled in on the application, others request a resume that contains this type of information. Save yourself some time and energy by gathering this information before you sit

Ins & Outs of College Applications

Completing college applications can be a tedious and daunting process for high school students and their parents, especially if you are applying to multiple schools. What can make this process even more difficult is not understanding the college application lingo as well as not having a method for keeping up with the details of what each school you plan to apply to requires and when. Because of this, we’ve got some tips to conquer both: What do all these things mean? 1. Applying Early Decision: If you apply early decision to a school and you are accepted, then your attendance

Career Exploration for High School Students – The Key to Choosing a Satisfying Career

College and career is just on the horizon for high school students. Starting career exploration during high schools is important, and the earlier the better. When the average cost of college is over $23,000 and rising every year… Can you afford to go to college without a purpose and plan? Here are 5 ways to begin career exploration: 1. Try different assessments to determine what careers may be a good fit for you. Identifying your talents, passions and values is essential to making the right career choice. My Next Move is a quick online assessment of your career interests. 2.

4 ways that the changing world of work is changing education

We’ve been talking a lot on The Point blog the last month or so about the changing world of work. Unfortunately, until recently, the changing world of work wasn’t doing much to change education. The structure of education has remained very much a product of the industrial revolution. The fact that education’s purpose is primarily to train people to be successful, working adults emphasizes the importance of our educational system adapting to the world of work. Here are 4 Ways The World of Work is Changing Education: 1. Delivery is changing: Schools are now offering classes outside of traditional school