College Prep for Seniors

Your freshmen, sophomore, and junior year helped you be prepared for college, but your senior year is when you have to make it a reality. As a high school senior, I went through the admissions process this past fall. Applying to colleges and scholarships takes a lot of effort and initiative. The first few months of my senior year were a bit hectic. I had lots of homework, ACT tutoring, and college applications that had to be done in 2 months. I should have gone into my senior year with my future in mind. Here are a few tips to

Hiring a Coach to Improve Work Performance

If you are seeking to maximize your performance at work, hiring a professional coach may help you do this. We’ve mentioned key factors in vetting a coach, one of which is considering the approach or process the coach or firm follows. Our coaching approach is grounded in our company values. Our basic leadership coaching process focuses on these key elements, stemming from our values: 1. Assessment. We start by assessing where people are from their perspective and the  perspective of people who matter in their life. 2. Self-Awareness. Based on the results of the assessment phase, we work to build self-awareness

College Prep for Juniors

The past two weeks I have made a list for freshmen and sophomores on how to be prepared for college. While those years are important, Junior year has the most responsibilities for college bound students. Like most students I knew I was going to college, but that assumption made me ignore important steps when preparing. The beginning of this past year, when I started applying to schools, I made it so hard on myself because I was lazy and had little drive my junior year. I should have set my priorities with college in mind. To help you have college

Should You Hire a Coach?

Last week, we discussed what you should look for in a coach. But before you go looking for a coach, you need to look in the mirror. Consider these questions before you vet coaches to help you: Are you willing to devote the time to coaching? Developing as a person takes time. You’ll need to be willing to meet with a coach at regular intervals and devote the time to practice and follow-through on assignments that arise from the coaching arrangement. Just like you won’t be a become a better baseball pitcher if you only practice during the 1 hour

College Prep For Sophomores

Your sophomore year of high school is a pivotal year to make sure you are challenging yourself and expanding upon what you learned your freshman year. As a high school senior about to transition to college, I’ll be continuing this week with my focus on what to do each year to make sure your beyond ready for college. When Sophomore year came around, I felt like I had high school figured out. Little did I know there was so much more that I could have done to help me be prepared for college. Here is my to do list for

The Ins and Outs of Leadership Coaching Series- How to Select the Right Coach

Today, you can find a “coach” for everything. Where we used to associate coaching specifically with sports, now there are life coaches, leadership coaches, executive coaches, parent coaches, career coaches… you get the picture. Since our firm provides leadership and career coaching, we obviously see the value in coaching.Performance Management: Putting Research into Action states, “There is strong research and case-study evidence that coaching is an effective leadership development tool.” In fact, one of our coaching clients from last year received a substantial raise as a result of gains in his performance. He deserves the credit for this through his

College Prep for Freshmen

The way students prepare for college changes from generation to generation. Teachers and parents provide wonderful, and much needed, encouragement and support, but it can help to have the perspective of someone who is going through the process of applying and choosing a college. I am a senior at Decatur High School and just finished choosing the college I will attend. When I was a freshman it was hard for me to plan past the weekend much less make a four year plan. There are a lot of things I am glad I did but a few things I would