2013 Year In Review

This year, I made my professional and personal goals public in order to demonstrate one effective characteristic of goal setting- going public with them. So, did going public help? Here’s how this year shook out: Goal 1. Maximize productivity in the morning. Result: Accomplished, but room for improvement. I didn’t get up as early as I had planned, and I really owe more credit to this happening to my running accountability partner and my early-bird three year old than I do myself. But, mornings have gone a lot smoother this year. Goal 2. Grow company revenue by 30% or more

Horizon Point Holiday!

At Horizon Point, we work to instill hope by creating passion and productivity in the workplace. This holiday season, we wish you all the joy and hope that this time of year can bring. Card design by Kayla Riggs. To view her work or order products, email her at  KRiggs06207@gmail.com or visit:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dibble-Dabble-Designs/247841588572483?ref=hl Thanks!

Help Your Child Create A Pros And Cons List Not A Good And Bad List

Stressed about helping your high school senior pick a college? The acceptance letters have started coming in and you’re not sure what is the best option for them, or you feel like you do, but you’re worried you will be too vocal with your opinion of what you think is best. Experienced your freshman or sophomore in college leaving to go back to school from the Thanksgiving holiday almost in tears because they hate the classes they are taking and thus their major? We get calls this time of year from concerned parents seeking help on how to advise their

Want What Is Best For Your Child? Be A Coach To Them.

Last week, I discussed how many parents often discourage their children without even knowing it by the comments made about career and college choices. We do this with good intentions. We want to see our children succeed and be better off than we are, and as older and wiser parents, we should know what is best for them, right? There is, however, a good way and a bad way to impart our wisdom in shaping decision-making. Taking on the role of coach may be the best way to do this when it comes to giving career and college advice. In

Book Review 2013 Blog Post

Reading is key to writing, or so I believe, so 2013 started with a personal goal to read 30 books. I’ve got a few weeks left until the end of the year, and I’m on number 28. I’d like to make a habit of creating a year-end book review to point others in the direction of what reading I found most insightful and meaningful. The 2013 list: Topic: Personal Leadership Choice: First Things First Blog posts from this year that include excerpts or ideas from this choice: A Lesson in Personal Leadership 1: Define and Focus on What’s Important Personal

Are You Offering Your Child Gold for Career and College Advice?

I wish I had a dollar for every student I talked to about career and college choices that has said something along the line of “….but my dad doesn’t think that’s a good idea” or “my mom told me not to go into that.” Even though most parents don’t think that their teenaged or college aged children care at all what they think, the truth is, they internalize what you are telling them about career and college choices and often, rule out things that they might be drawn to because of your words. Even your words that may have been

Our best leadership movie pick! Up at December’s International Leadership Carnival.

The December 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Leadership at the Movies Edition My favorite movie for Leadership (and career) Development is Coach Carter.  The reason I have chosen this movie is because of the following quote that one of his players stands up and shares after the coach has made a profound point with his players and the school board about priorities and what it means to be a leade: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask