Are You Full of Ideas? Where Do They Go?

Call them “ah-ha” moments or moments of clarity, but everyone at some point or another has a great idea pop into their mind. Many of these ideas could be the source of helping you live your mission (see Power of 3 Worksheet), create career satisfaction, and be of source of helping others, but how often do we listen to that voice in our heads?   YouTube came about because three college guys wanted a simple way to share videos online with their friends. They sold YouTube to Google for $1.6 billion a year later. Not to mention, it was selected

3 Tips for Checking your Facts: Leaders Know Things Aren’t Always What They Seem.

How many times a week do you get second or third-hand information? By this I mean information that comes to you through someone other than the source or person that created that information. I tried to count up how many times I received information this way this week, and it was too many times to count. For example, most news we get is through the lens of the writer, the reporter, or the producer. When we hear from someone else about another person’s mistake or misbehavior, it isn’t from the original source or we didn’t see it first hand. Some

Who Keeps You Accountable?

If you’re a goal-oriented person, having someone to keep you accountable for your personal and professional goals may seem trivial. Why would you do that if you are able to keep yourself accountable for your own goals? However, the best way to keep yourself on track with goals and actually make the journey through your goals more meaningful is to have some partners in crime to keep you on track no matter how focused and motivated you are. That’s why the Power of 3 Worksheet points to establishing three accountability partners to help you live your mission.   An example may

Real Leadership

I have a good friend who cannot stand fake people.   Her philosophy is, be anything you want to be, just be real.   She has all types of friends, with all different background and interests, but she can spot a fake from a mile away. And once you are insincere with her, she writes you off. She has no need for you. Want to make sure she writes you off? Act like you are invincible, with no flaws, which to her is really the largest form of insincerity. Although her philosophy could be a lesson in leadership on giving people a

4 Tips to Set Mission Focused Goals

A few weeks ago, I discussed the need to set a personal mission and then question yourself when it comes to living out that mission.   The Power of 3 Worksheet can help you with this.  Another component to this worksheet and living out your mission is to set goals for yourself. Here are some tips for setting goals: Set just three goals related to your mission.  Any less is not enough, get too many more and nothing is really a priority.  32- Square the power of your three goals by writing them goals down.    Research shows that those who write their

Schedules Communicate Priorities

On Sunday morning about 7 AM, I was in the middle of a run. It was a quiet, beautiful fall morning until I looped back around and through the sports and water park complex near my house.  Cars started driving by and turning into the parking lot by the tennis center. I could hear an abundance of tennis balls popping off rackets as ,what seemed to be, many people warming up. I’ve run by on other Sunday mornings about this time to see what couldn’t be older than five and six year olds warming up for soccer matches. The mini

The Voice and 10,000 Hours of Practice

My husband has suddenly become glued to watching The Voice on NBC. I have no idea why. He can’t carry a tune and he is, in general, not a music buff. For some reason, though, he finds this show extremely entertaining. Different from it’s rival show American Idol, The Voice features singers who all have some type of musical talent. They aren’t any folks off the street trying to get camera attention. Because he was watching it (yes, even over Monday Night Football) on Monday, I sat down to tune in for a minute. On this episode, a 17 year

Why Do Performance Appraisals?

My almost three year old has just learned to ask the question, “Why?” He loves it, and uses it ALL the time. For example, I’ll say, “Don’t climb on that.” “Why?” He asks as he continues to do it. Or he says, “Mommy, where is the moon?” “In the sky,” I’ll say. “Why?” he asks. “Because it’s in space.” “Why?” he asks again. It can go on forever, and quite often I have no idea how to answer his “Why?” I think too often we neglect to ask “Why?” when it comes to evaluating employee performance or any other talent