Don’t Want to Wake Up With Regrets? Create a Mission Statement

Mission statements are critical to directing success.  Companies have them, why don’t individuals?  Having one can help you focus and reach what you want to accomplish in life by answering the who, what, why and how of you.  Its not a mission statement unless it is written down. Whether or not you are trying to make career or college decisions in your life, everyone needs to have a personal mission statement. The exercises focused on identifying finding your talents, passions and values, for career purposes are a good starting place to help you discover your mission.  Just as the best place for shining your

Leadership Lessons from College Football: Maximize and Recognize your Rudys

We’re so close to the kick-off of football season that you can almost taste it. Less than four days to go till the season kicks-off with Thursday night match-ups. With the kick-off of the season, it’s hard to neglect the leadership lessons that come from the game, the players and thecoaches. With all the coaches talking about practices and preparing their team, another leadership lesson struck me last week.Every player is important. Find “some dreamers that just won’t quit.” Nick Saban was being interviewed after a practice and what did he talk about? The walk-ons.   The walk-ons? Most people would

It’s Okay to Go Gray- Making Career Decisions in a Black and White World

It’s Okay to Go Gray- Making Career Decisions in a Black and White World While coaching a young man this week that had returned home from college with a degree but with no promising job prospects, I realized that is it much easier to point people towards traditional career paths through traditional educational channels than to take them into a “gray” zone. Becoming a teacher (although this is not what he had completed a degree in college for) was one of the career routes, among others, that was a possibility after talking with him and reviewing his career assessment results.

Leadership Lessons from College Football: The “Medicore” and Team Success

“Mediocre people don’t like high achievers and high achievers don’t like mediocre people so if you let those two things co-exist on your team it’s never going to work out right.” Nick Saban Want to demotivate someone who does an outstanding job for you?   Pay little attention to them and pay more attention to your less than “A” players. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative attention, its attention. Pay them the same that you pay your less than “A” players, but give them less work because they aren’t performing. Give that work to your “A” players. I

Want to be the next COO of Facebook? Surround Yourself with Great People

I will never forget the conversation in the car on the way back from a meeting in Montgomery with my then boss.  I had been accepted into the graduate school program of my choice and was working full-time in economic development.  The graduate program was full-time and a two-hour drive away, but I didn’t want to give up the job. I waited until about half-way into in to the two and a half hour car ride home, to say. “I want to go back to graduate school.” “Okay,” my boss said. “I got accepted.” “Where?”  He said. “Middle Tennessee State”

Leadership Lessons from College Football

WHAT NICK SABAN HAS TO SAY ABOUT DOING THE LITTLE THINGS RIGHT With football season fast approaching, my house is all-abuzz with excitement.  You would think my husband (and my dad, and my brother, and well, most of men in my life) were five year olds anxiously awaiting Santa coming down the chimney. With the all the buzz, my husband’s inbox, twitter feed, and texts have been dinging football talk, and I get forwarded anything that he feels is a “must know” for this season.  Every good wife in the state of Alabama surely needs to know what high school

Beyond the Lemonade Stand

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AS A CAREER EXPLORATION STRATEGY Information Interviews, Job Shadowing and Internships are all a great way to learn more about your career interests. If you want to put your career exploration in full throttle, consider working for yourself in high school or college in an area that interests you as well as where you can provide a marketable service or product.   An Example: While interviewing students for a highly competitive ambassadors program at a high school, the interview panel came across a student that ended up being at the top of the heap of candidates.  Why? She demonstrated

August Leadership Carnival- Best Advice for New Leaders

“The most important thing: Get to know and care about the people you are leading/managing. Who are they, what they like and don’t like, what they are most proud of, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how they see themselves contributing to the overall success of the organization, etc.  Leaders make more leaders and realize that results are achieved through people, not task lists.  If you don’t know your people, they won’t do their best for you.  Read Leadership and Self-Deception for more food for thought on seeing people as people.