Mommas Maintaining Grit?

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Throw-up had literally been everywhere.  All week.  As had it’s counterpart that also comes along with what would later be diagnosed as rotavirus in my son. I had multiple meetings scheduled both with current and desired clients.  I had blocked off time to prepare for the next week that involved three different training sessions.   Each required the preparation and roll out of new material. I just couldn’t wing these. And because of said throw-up coming often at night, I hadn’t slept.  Neither had my husband, and he had multiple priorities at work to attend to as well. I canceled all

Top 10 Posts of 2016 and the Icing on the Cake

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  2016 showed us, at least in terms of the popularity of blog posts, that it was a year of innovation. More than half of our top 10 blog posts for the year focused on innovation in the workplace: You Can Hire for Fit AND Diversity: How the Most Innovative Companies Hire The Name of the Game is FREEDOM: How Innovative Companies Motivate, Get, and Retain the Best… Innovate or Die? And the Best Places to Work Rules to Preserve Freedom and Culture: How Innovative Companies Go about Rule-Making How Neuroscience Is and Will Revolutionize HR   Others that came

Bridging the Divide… Education for the Future

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A country divided is what we are all hearing.  I’m tired of hearing it, are you? But as I examine the problem, realizing I am, like we all are, a part of it, I think Steve Boese in his HR Technology Blog described the problem best as he summarized the meaning of a chart illustrating the growing income divide in our country: Their jobs, if they are employed, are worse than the ones they used to have. They have less job security than ever before. They are increasingly unprepared to do many of the ‘new’ kinds of jobs that might

4 Tips for Landing the Internship That Will Set You Up for Your Dream Career

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Written by guest blogger: James Mitchell of Intern Solutions In many cases, successful careers with great companies start with an internship. Internships are the best way to prove your value to the company through work ethic, determination, and demonstrations of your capability. Of course, getting an internship is not unlike securing a job. There is a process to follow that includes applying and interviewing, just like a permanent position. Even if you decide the company isn’t right for you, the lessons you will learn by simply applying and interning will give you the skills you need to land the job

Paid Parental Leave

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Did you see where Trump announced a plan for paid family leave? Smart move Mr. Trump.  Love him or hate him you’ve got to give him credit, this was a smart political move to draw the female vote, especially given that his opponent might have a leg up on the female voter pool. The day after this announcement, I got this information from a friend (who is in fact pregnant): The gist is this: “The United States is at a crossroads in its policies towards the family and gender equality. Currently America provides basic support for children, fathers, and mothers in

The name of the game is FREEDOM: How innovative companies motivate, get, and retain the best…

Creative Innovation and Glowing Concept as a Art

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility (freedom) to their employees will have the edge in this area.” Bill Gates I can’t neglect (since I missed the window over the 4th) to make sure to make a point about freedom during our nation’s birthday month. And as by coincidence or actually, by what really makes a whole lot of sense, you can’t talk about what drives innovation without talking about freedom. America is a country that was built around the concept of freedom. Despite a presidential campaign grounded on “Making

Innovate or Die? And the Best Places to Work


Innovation is a buzzword in business now.  In a fast-paced world where change and adapting is necessary in order to survive in business, innovation seems to be what all people want to point to that keeps companies alive.  “Innovate or die” we hear.   But is it worth all the hype? Despite the fact that I often hate cliché words or phrases (don’t ask me about what I think about the word “synergy”, for example), I’m on the innovation bandwagon. I believe in today’s business world it truly is what separates the winners from the losers.   And you can see why

You Go Jennifer Lawrence- Girls, Know and Stand-up for What You’re Worth


Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s highest paid female actress still doesn’t make as much as her male counterparts. And she’s pissed. But who she is pissed at may surprise you. She’s mad at herself. You can see more on the story that aired on NBC Nightly News last week here: Kudos to Jennifer. When we can take ownership of the issues that affect us personally, then we are on our way to fixing them. Blaming others doesn’t help the situation. Women (and men) knowing what they are worth is a critical step in that ownership, then being willing and able to

What are your Generational “Sticking Points”?


“The whole chair situation makes so much more sense now,” said a woman in a Generations in the Workplace seminar recently. As many of us looked at her perplexed, she went on to explain, “I bought new chairs for our office. I can’t get those in earlier generations to use them. They said the old ones are just fine. I can’t get the newer generation to quit standing up in them so they can talk to someone over the cubicle wall.  I never knew how much headaches new chairs could cause,” she said with a sigh, but also some excitement in having

Could it Simply Be Your Generation?


There is a lot of hype out there today, and there has been for quite of a few years, regarding generations in the workplace. It has become one of the key topics to focus on when it comes to interoffice dynamics and diversity issues in the workplace. And its fun to talk about it and classify people as such. While it is obvious that different events and cultural norms shape us all and these things can help define a generation of people (for example, who is dumb enough to think that 9/11 and the computer haven’t shaped the thought processes,