A Culture Where Nothing Is Ever Good Enough and How to Fix It: An Interview with Rajeev Behera CEO of Reflektive

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1 in 4 people say their jobs are the most stressful part of their lives. What is creating stress in the workplace and how can it be resolved? Rajeev Behera, CEO of Reflektive, says that a fear-based work culture where nothing is ever good enough is a main cause of stress in the workplace. This occurs when managers use intimidation tactics, putting more value on the employees that put in the most hours, instead of those who are team players. Rajeev saw this first-hand in his work life before founding Reflektive, a performance management and talent development software company, where

Do Mentors Matter More than Bosses and Parents? How to Establish Mentor/Mentee Relationships

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“Not having a mentor is just stupid,” said a young and successful sales professional in a meeting I attended a few weeks ago.   She was giving the group advice on how to be successful in sales. I couldn’t agree with her more.  Not having a least one mentor (and seeking to be a mentor to someone else) is just about the dumbest mistake you can make in business. I was fortunate to have a wonderful academic and professional mentor in college (he passed away a few years ago and I still miss his sound advice), and I continue to have

The Candidate Experience Influences The Brand

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Branding is an important marketing topic. Some organizations invest heavily in a brand strategy that reaches many audiences, including the job seeker. A great brand attracts job candidates to an organization. As a marketer and HR professional, I have a unique perspective on this topic.  The marketer side understands the importance of brand equity and the HR side values the role it plays in talent acquisition.  Some organizations fail to make this connection. Other organizations offer poor candidate experiences, which cast a negative image. As a result, it harms the brand while turning away potential talent. Over the years, I

Diversity and Inclusion in My Eyes and in the Eyes of My Children

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Ask any HR professional and they will tell you that “diversity and inclusion” as we like to call it is trending in our world.   In fact, Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends Report points to this rule of work by emphasizing that, “Leading organizations now see diversity and inclusion as a comprehensive strategy woven into every aspect of the talent life cycle to enhance employee engagement, improve brand, and drive performance. The era of diversity as a ‘check the box’ initiative owned by HR is over.” The issue is so big, its no longer just HR’s job. But as business professionals,

Chocolate Anyone? Symbols to Remind You to Be Grateful and Spread Gratefulness

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“I’ll be right back,” the lady said to her colleague. “I’ve got to finish giving my chocolate bars away.” The colleague nods.  I’m sitting next to him at a conference breakfast, and I look at him with must have been a look like, “What? Chocolate bars? At breakfast?” He smiles, and says, “You’ll have to ask her about them.” I could tell he was indirectly saying, it’s her story to tell, not mine. Yes, ask her about the chocolate I will. I see her hand a chocolate bar to a server and give him a hug. She finally comes and

Rounding- It’s Not Just for Doctors

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By guest blogger: Steve Graham “Rounding” is a term most people associate with doctors. Doctors make rounds to check on patients and engage with those involved in patient care. This practice has existed for decades in healthcare. In most business environments rounding is not as common, but it should be! In his best selling book, Hardwiring Excellence, Quint Studer comments on how leaders tend to be task-oriented, however, most people desire a deeper level of connection. According to Studer, almost 40% of staff leaves due to a poor relationship with their supervisor or manager (Studer 2003). One great thing about

A Holistic Goal Setting Method

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When I think about goal setting from a holistic perspective, Zig Ziglar’s wheel of life concept seems to be best.  When I’m honest with myself, I’m not really a holistic goal setter. I find it easier to set two types of goals:  Business or career goals and fitness goals. Zig’s approach helps me see that in many areas of my life that are important to me- like my spiritual life and my relationship with my friends and my husband- I’m very haphazard instead of intentional. The spokes of the wheel are: Career Financial Spiritual Physical Intellectual Family Social The approach

Don’t Miss the Bus- Talent Management Lessons at its Finest from Lane Kiffin


I don’t know about you, but there has been a lot of football on at our house over the holiday break.  So much so, that as I was putting up Christmas decorations on Monday, I was silently cussing the college football season wishing my husband would get off the couch and help instead of watching more of what seems to be an endless bowl season. Then I hear him say,  “WHAT?!?!”  and turn up Gameday. “Babe,” he yells, “He fired Kiffin.” “He’s (Nick Saban) is about to come on live, you gotta come listen to this.” Despite my frustration, I

Top 10 Posts of 2016 and the Icing on the Cake

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  2016 showed us, at least in terms of the popularity of blog posts, that it was a year of innovation. More than half of our top 10 blog posts for the year focused on innovation in the workplace: You Can Hire for Fit AND Diversity: How the Most Innovative Companies Hire The Name of the Game is FREEDOM: How Innovative Companies Motivate, Get, and Retain the Best… Innovate or Die? And the Best Places to Work Rules to Preserve Freedom and Culture: How Innovative Companies Go about Rule-Making How Neuroscience Is and Will Revolutionize HR   Others that came

8 Steps to Run and Lead Well

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On November 20th, in wind gusts up to 45 mph, we finished the Philadelphia Marathon.  All five of us.  Our times ranged from 4 hours 21 minutes to 4 hours 55 minutes, but we all crossed the finish line with a smile. In taking the journey this fall through the parallels drawn from running and leading well, it really all boils down to these few things: 1. Have a meaningful goal and motivation towards that goal. 2. Have a plan to meet that goal; chunk your tasks into manageable pieces to achieve the goal. 3. There is no elevator to success; you have